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Khoisan Kennel


As kennel we are very young, but our love for ridgeback is since year 2000 when we meet our first ridgeback. And love begins. 6 years we were looking and admiring this wonderful breed and in 2006 Cubo were born. As beginners in this breed we are proud that we own him. He is more than ridgeback, he is one and only - Cubo. In year 2010 we expanded our family with one more dog ridgeback female Cana.


We love this breed and we are trying to do as much as possible to continue what some good breeders did years ago. My goal is to became a judge for this wonderful breed, hope in November I will pass the exam. Be around and wait for news.


In year 2010 I started to be an "artist" again. A lot of stuff will be updated to our page and also in our new STARR shop. Hope you would like what I am doing and have piece of my art in your home.


With Croatian kennel Ayaba we started to organize seminar and school especially for Rhodesian ridgeback. In Slovenia is still very fresh and unknown breed but is becoming very modern and popular so is important to educate people and help them to raise their dog into good companions.


We will write more as soon as possible, now Cubo an Cana wants to have a party.

(And my Gregor, Cubo and Cana)


We are members of Rhodesian ridgeback Clubs
Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia,

We are members of Sports Clubs
KD Barje - section for rhodesian ridgeback

We are members of Kennel Unions
Slovenia KZS, FCI


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