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"D" Litter 2011


"D" Litter

Name: Naitingeila Moka Farastero Sinbest
Born: 18/12/2004
Country: Latvia
Titles: Multi CH (more on web page)
Health test: HD: A (free), OCD-/ED:free
Eye test: clear
Breeder: M.Grinvalde
Owner: I.Kušnere
Web page:

Pedigree of puppies

Naitingeila Moka Farastero Sinbest

Pleasantview Bestik

Mizpah Scout of Pleasantview

Anlieken Primeironobreza of Pleasantview



Anlieken Primeironobreza of Pleasantview

MultiCh. Myöllnir Kyala
67cm, red wheaten colour
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg
Full set of teeth
ICH. Jockular
Jamal Aquamarin
Cruft Winner 2003
World Winner 2003
68,5cm HD A/A, ED 0/0
Full set of teeth
Ch. Khwezi Achernar (SAf)
World Winner 2006
HD A/A, Full set of teeth
gen for brown nose
Jockular Kundalina (NL)
HD free
Full set of teeth

JCh. Laini Kyala (HR)
HD free, Full set of teeth
Notho AYABA (HR)
HD free, Full set of teeth
Shango AYABA (HR)
HD free, Full set of teeth
Word from breeder

As you know, we are planning a litter with our Moka in spring of 2011. The sire of the litter will be Cubo. The pedigree and the gene combination for this litter is extraordinary, but even more important, we believe that the sire and the dam compliment each other perfeclty with their soundness, excellent movement, typey look, superb temperament, and impeccable health.We expect the parents to pass all their wonderful qualities to the puppies, and we hope to soon have a full home of joyful, healthy, and robust babies. Fingers crossed all goes well, and best of luck to you in a search of that perfect pup.If you are interested in our pup, please fill out a puppy application form, which you can find on the forum page of our site (all about ridgebacks thread), and mail it to: Looking forward to hearing from you!Regards,

1. litter
6 puppies


7 puppies (1stillborn, 4 males / 3 females

Boy 1 - Show quality
Boy 2 - Show quality
Boy 3 - Show quality

Girl 1 - Show quality
Girl 2 - Show quality
Girl 3 - Show quality



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